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Companies may present themselves in the context of the PhD Meeting 2019 - Sixth Edition and can benefit from the location, being the Mario Negri Institute in Milano a spot with a growing community of young scientists.

Apart from plenty of sponsoring opportunities at PhD Meeting, the Institute hosting the conference offers a nice space for commercial exhibition by our industrial partners.


Exhibition spaces will be placed in the catering areas and in close proximity to the poster presentations. Therefore, there will be plenty of opportunity for companies to get in touch with delegates as well to present themselves and their products successfully.


If you like to contribute to the PhD Meeting 2019 as an exhibitor/sponsor please contact the PhD meeting committee:


PhD Meeting Committee

IRCCS - Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research
Via G. La Masa 19
20156 Milano
tel: +39-0239014739/213
fax: +39-023546277